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The Lublin Region Teacher's  Library


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Monday - Friday 8-19.30
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From 1 July to 31 August
Monday - Friday 8-15.00





The Lublin Region Teacher's  Library was found in 1927 and now it is one of the oldest pedagogical libraries in Poland (amongst 365 working pedagogical libraries). From its early years it has been committed to collect materials supporting teachers and student in their work and study. Our library satisfies teachers and students` needs in the field of education, information, sociology and culture. The library carries out its activity through collecting and making available the books, magazines, audiovisual and electronic documents and organizes special courses for teachers, books exhibitions as well as library lessons and student training. We carry also out many cultural and educational undertakings.


Every year the institution takes part in Polish campaign "Week for Libraries" and the "Open day in the Library". An important part of the library`s mission is to provide access to the information resources available in all kind of digital forms and formats on the Internet as well. The information of our entire collection is contained in online and card catalogs. Since 2005, all the documents coming to the library are put at electronic catalog, and potential users can also request desire material through interlibrary loan or browse other libraries` collections by means of the Internet.